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Small Business Consulting

If you own a small business then you know all about wearing many different hats and keeping all the balls in the air. The challenges you face are unique in running a business and we understand. Our BusinessBuilder Consulting and Coaching program is designed specifically to help you have more free time, be better focused on strategy and signfiicantly grow your revenues and profits.

“There are professional business consultants and there are those who say they are professionals. Mike Ferrell is a true professional when it comes to working with business owners. He is experienced, knowledgeable, trustworthy and one heck of a sharp guy. He comes in, tells you what to expect, tells you what you need to do to grow your business, then he shows you how. I highly recommend to any business owner looking to help them grow their business that they hire Mike. .” Steve K.



The Sweet Spot

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Align your Personal Philosophy with Active Faith and Business Strategy and you find your "Sweet Spot". This consulitng and coaching program is based on the new book by Mike Ferrell, The Sweet Spot: Where Business Strategy, Success Psychology and Active Faith Converge. 

“Mike worked with us for over 4 years assisting us in implementing growth strategies in our business. He was instrumental in our growth and in developing new markets to help us grow.”
— John F.


Get free resources from videos, to e-books to white papers to help you grow your business. 



StrengthsSelling is our sales development program and one of the most unique programs we offer. By combining the Clifton StrengthsFinder and our proprietary Sales Issues Survey and then developing strategies using our unique planning process we can help you grow your sales significantly.