Here's the book description on Amazon for my new book.

Business strategy, success psychology and active faith typically don't go together when it comes to running a business. Yet in over 30 years of working with businesses of all types author Mike Ferrell sees a direct corolation to business success when these three areas converge. 
Does your business have a soul? Is the vision of your business focused on a higher purpose than just profits? Do you encourage engagement and personal success with your employees? And how does your business strategy reflect success for the greater good?

In the Sweet Spot the author examines the fundamental idea of being an entrepreneur and what that means not only to themselves but to the people that work for them, work with them, supply them and are their customers. He reviews the areas of vision and values, branding to make a difference, servant leadership, creating and  delivering value, employee engagment and the dignity of work, building a culture of success and creating a business for a higher purpose that will lead to greater rewards than just profit. Mike weaves in personal stories, faith doctrine from faith icons like Pope Francis and St. Benedict and ideas about success from experts like Napolean Hill, Tony Robbins and other success experts. 
Mike Ferrell brings 30 years of business consulting and coaching along with a faith foundation built in the seminary and active partcipation in success psychology programs to discuss a different way of creating a successful business. The Sweet Spot will give you new ways to think about your business and also give you concrete ideas and suggestions on how to implement these strategies.  A way that will not only be successful from a profitability standpoint but also have a higher purpose for your employees and the greater community.

The Sweet Spot: Where Business Strategy, Success Psychology and Active Faith Converge will be available on Amazon in February 2018. 

Mike Ferrell