Is It Enough To Have Good Intentions?

Working with business owners I know that the vast majority of business owners have good intentions about what they do in their business. They intend on providing a positive environment for their employees, they intend on delivering value in their products and services, they intend to do good things in the community. However I also know that when they get into the day to day working in their business sometimes those good intentions fall by the wayside. They are so busy trying to keep all the balls in the air that the good intentions fall by the wayside, sometimes until it's too late and an issue creates real problems. 

The best way to make sure that your business is acting on good intentions is to create a vision or mission statement that is cleary communicated and acted on by every individual in your organization. It is what drives your business and it is the standard by what you do.  This vision statement should clearly state why the buisness exists, what it's primary function is and what values you stand for. By living out this vision you good intentions will always shine through. 

Mike Ferrell