A Quiet Space

Yesterday I went on a one day silent retreat. I hadn't been on one for quite awhle and at the end of the day I remembered how treasured that quiet time to reflect on things is so important. 

Have you gone quiet recently to take time to really look at your business and what's working and what's not working. By getting away from your business for a few hours or even days it gives you a different perspective that while you're in the middle of it trying to keep all the balls in the air. One of the most effective planning tools is to get away from your business and brainstorm and assess what needs to be done in your business and then to take the most important step of creating an action plan to carry through your ideas. In one of my previous businesses my partner and I would always take a few days out of the office and usually somewhere out of town where we could really sit down and assess how our year went and what we needed to do to make the upcoming year better. I always valued this time as we got away from the day to day things going on in the office and really took an inward look at what we wanted to be. 

So my suggestion to you is to find a quiet place, away from the phones and emails and people and take a look inside on what it is you really want to accomplish with your business. 

Mike Ferrell