What's your elephant in the room? Is there an issue holding you back that no one wants to talk about? Assessing your business is a great way to find out what's holding you back. Whether it's marketing, sales, customer service or just making your organization better our What Are You Dealing With? programs help you identify what's holding you back and helps you put a plan together to overcome what's holding you back. These unique programs help your team identify the top issues that are holding you back and then we assist you in creating a plan to overcome the issues. We have researched over 3000 businesses and organizations to develop the top 52 issues companies and organizations deal with and we put those issues in front of your team and identify the top issues. 


What Are You Dealing With?® To Grow Your Business is designed for small to mid-sized companies looking to take their business to the next level. According to Gallup over 80% of all employees are not engaged in their work and one of the primary reasons why is they don’t feel like the company wants their input. This program gets your employees engaged and helps you focus on six critical areas:

• Vision and Branding
• Leadership and Team
• Marketing Systems
• Sales Process
• Service and Follow-Thru
• Strategic Alliances

What Are You Dealing With?® To Grow Your Business will help you develop a strategic action plan for success and keep you focused on the issues that are impacting your business. 


What Are You Dealing With?® To Lead Your Organization is a tool speci cally designed for senior management, boards and executive teams. The program helps identify big picture issues that the organization needs to focus on and then assist them in putting together a strategic action plan to “deal with” the issues. In this program we focus on six areas:

• Communication
• Decision Making
• Accountability/Time Management
• Creative Thinking/Idea Management                                                                                                                                                          •Team Building

The benefits of the program is that it gives the leadership team a very specific idea of the issues impacting the organization and then creates a very focused game plan that will help the leadership execute the solutions that will move the organization forward.