Identify Your Challenges and Focus on Your Strengths, That's How You Grow Your Sales


Our sales program will help salespeople identify the issues holding them back and then focus on their strengths to overcome them. 


We combine our unique What Are You Dealing With? program with Gallup's StrengthsFinder program and then help the salesperson create a strategic action plan that will execute strategies to overcome their challenges while focusing on their strengths. —

Sales Development vs. Sales Training

Our StrengthsSelling program focuses on sales development not sales training. 

Sales development and planning looks at the entire process of selling and focuses on the key areas that are critical to the success of the sales person. Once we have identified the areas that are holding them back we then use a very specific process of creating a strategic action plan that will focus on those areas and break them into bite sized pieces that can be easily implemented. And then we will take it “into the field” and help them execute the plan through a coaching process.

The six areas of critical focus are:

·      Maximizing Productivity

·      Personal Branding and Marketing

·      Understanding and Executing the Sales Process

·      Uncovering Opportunities and Growing Your Sales

·      Delivering Exceptional Service

·      Building and Keeping Relationships

The StrengthsSelling program combines the Gallup StrengthsFinder, our Sales Issues Analysis and the Business Planning Funnel. This program is a one on one sales coaching program that will help your sales people achieve significant results. This unique approach focuses on the strengths of your individual sales people and combines that with the strength of your sales process and a sales planning process that is driven to get results. The program is a 6 month program that includes an initial phone planning session with the sales person and then monthly coaching calls. In addition we provide ongoing resources developed specifically for the areas the sales person is focused on.  The program also includes regular updates with management to keep them abreast of the sales persons progress.